Class StrategyStack

  extended by java.util.AbstractCollection<E>
      extended by java.util.AbstractList<E>
          extended by java.util.Vector<E>
              extended by java.util.Stack<TemplateStrategy>
                  extended by net.sf.jelly.apt.strategies.StrategyStack
All Implemented Interfaces:, java.lang.Cloneable, java.lang.Iterable<TemplateStrategy>, java.util.Collection<TemplateStrategy>, java.util.List<TemplateStrategy>, java.util.RandomAccess

public class StrategyStack
extends java.util.Stack<TemplateStrategy>

A stack for pushing the current strategy.

Ryan Heaton
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Field Summary
Fields inherited from class java.util.Vector
capacityIncrement, elementCount, elementData
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Method Summary
<S extends TemplateStrategy>
findFirst(java.lang.Class<S> clazz)
          Finds the first strategy that is of the specified class.
static StrategyStack get()
          The current stack.
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empty, peek, pop, push, search
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Method Detail


public static StrategyStack get()
The current stack.

The current stack.


public <S extends TemplateStrategy> S findFirst(java.lang.Class<S> clazz)
Finds the first strategy that is of the specified class.

clazz - The class.
The strategy.