Package net.sf.jelly.apt

Interface Summary
TemplateBlock An invokeable block of template code.
TemplateModel Interface for the data model for the template engine.
TemplateOutput<B extends TemplateBlock> Output for a template.

Class Summary
APTJellyContext A jelly context with an AnnotationProcessorEnvironment.
APTJellyProcessor Annotation processor that establishes a JellyContext with the AnnotationProcessorEnvironment established.
APTJellyProcessorFactory Basic annotation processor factory for a APTJellyProcessor.
APTJellyTag<S extends TemplateStrategy> Tag support for jelly tags.
Context The context for the annotation processing tool.
JellyTemplateOutput Output implementation for jelly templates.
ProcessorFactory Base class for the annotation processor factory.

Exception Summary
TemplateException Exception indicating there's something wrong with the template.