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These are some templates that are used in the unit tests. They all output a properties file (and the tests check the properties they output). You may want to checkout the source and see what the tests are doing, too.

  • testBasicExample (Freemarker, Jelly): outputs a bunch of interesting properties of a source base
  • testForAllPackages (Freemarker, Jelly): iterates through all the packages of a source base
  • testForAllTypes (Freemarker, Jelly): iterates through all types of annotated by a specific annotation
  • testPropertyName (Freemarker, Jelly): utilizes the decorations on a method for property naming
  • testIncludeSuperclasses (Freemarker, Jelly): iterates through a bunch of methods including superclasses
  • testIfHasAnnotation (Freemarker, Jelly): example for testing whether a declaration has an annotation and for outputting an annotation value

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